People do not buy what you do, but they buy WHY you do it. Good quality wines are part of this old truth. Enjoying good wines is healthy and offer a surprising feeling of high life. As the sales of California wines only amount $55 Billion a year, there is no doubt: life is good.

Who are the heavyweights of wine production in the world? According to Food and Agriculture (FAO) reports, an United Nations Agency, France , Italy, Spain, United States of America are at the top pf the list. Argentina, Australia follow. Romania is on the 12th spot, with thousands of years of wine production.

The beginnings of viticulture in the territory which is Romania today go back over 4000 years. Legend says that even Dionysos, the God of wine, moved from Greece and lived here. He knew what is good.

Sharing the same latitude and not too different climate than France, the Western noble wines - Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling have found a good home in Romania where, along with exclusive traditional Romanian wines - Feteasca Neagra, Busuioaca de Bohotin, Zhighara de Husi - have been produced in the land for thousand of years.

Wine connoisseurs, as well as the regular folks who know when they meet a good wine, have been enjoining Romanian wines for many, many years. They impress by their distinct personality, finesse and unforgettable harmony.

Danex International has been the renowned importer in the United States of America of some of the best wines Romania can produces since 1990ties.

Today we invite you to taste some absolute outstanding wines coming from CRAMA RATESTI, in Northern Transylvania, a region where the wine and wines production became an emblem of the land hundreds of years ago, after the skilled SWABS came from the Germany’s Rhine and Moselle valleys and later during the Count Karoly’s time and settled in the Northern Transylvania.

Today, the hard-working wine makers from CRAMA RATESTI continue the long and successful history, producing wines of quality next to none.

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